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Finding the Best Animal Hospital in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 22. February 2017 12:58

When our precious pets get sick, it can be a scary experience for both the animals and the owners. Going to a veterinarian at an animal clinic is the logical first step in getting our animals on the road to recovery. However, sometimes a trip to a clinic is not enough, and that’s where an animal hospital comes into play.

What is an animal hospital and how is it different from a clinic? For starters, it is usually larger and offers more services and treatments for animals. Hospitals are able to keep sick or injured pets overnight or longer if needed. Many clinics have vets who can diagnose pets with illnesses but don’t have the resources to treat those illnesses. That’s when sick pets in need of a little extra attention are sent to animal hospitals.

Some of the services offered by many hospitals, including the Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital include:

-Surgical Procedures

-Dental Services

-Cancer Treatment

-Arthritis Pain Management

-Dermatology Services

-Pet Massage Therapy

Choosing the best animal hospital in Traverse City for you and your furry friends is a big step. You’ll want to make sure the hospital has the most cutting-edge technology, as well as a courteous and knowledgeable staff. At the Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital, we want both pets and owners to feel comfortable, and welcome any and all questions you may have. You don’t have to be referred by a veterinarian at a clinic to come see us. Feel free to set up an appointment if your pet needs treatment. Whether you are just scheduling a wellness exam, or have the stressful situation of an unexpected illness, your pet’s health and happiness are our priority, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better hospital for your pet in Traverse City, Elk Rapids, or Kalkaska.



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