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Dog Tooth Extraction-Pulling Teeth in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 8. February 2017 12:51

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from painful dental problems that need to be taken care of by professionals. While it can be painful for both the furry friend and their compassionate owner, it’s important to take the necessary steps to solve these problems, and sometimes that means removing teeth.

Doggy dental work can be fairly simple when handled by a trained veterinarian. It surprises many pet owners to find out just how common dog tooth extraction is, and that it’s performed at most veterinarian clinics and hospitals in Traverse City. Some common complications that can lead to tooth extraction include:

-Tooth or gum disease

-Jaw and tooth fractures

-Dental Abscess, caused by an infection

-Baby teeth crowding permanent teeth

The extraction process can be done both surgically and non-surgically, but a surgical procedure is usually considered the safest means for extracting problem teeth. When extracting a tooth, it’s important to remove the entire tooth, down to the root. To do that, the gum is pulled back, and dental tools are used to gently tear the periodontal ligament which attaches the root to the tooth socket. Once the tooth is out, the socket is examined to make sure no debris was left behind that could cause infection. Closing the extraction site usually involves stitches to prevent prolonged bleeding.

After a tooth is extracted, your poor pup will likely be sore and could have facial swelling or some bleeding. Pet owners should examine the area to make sure that everything is healing properly. Fortunately, most dogs are able to resume eating shortly after the procedure, but it’s recommended you give your dog soft foods, so they won’t have to do too much chewing!

Of course, the best way to prevent a tooth extraction is to practice good dental care with your dog, but if you do find your pup is suffering from mouth pain, it’s best to see a professional. If you live in the Traverse City, Elk Rapids, or Kalkaska areas and need a dog tooth extraction, please consider the Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital.



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