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What are Some Common Types of Pet Dental Services in Kalkaska?

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 15. February 2014 15:49

Most pet owners don’t realize that dental disease in pets is one of the most common conditions that vets treat in dogs and cats.  It isn’t always easy to tell when a pet needs pet dental services in Kalkaska, as they don’t always let you know that something hurts.  In many cases, pet owners don’t even notice that there is a problem with their pet’s teeth until the vet tells them.  Your pet’s dental health health is incredibly important, however, which is why pet dental services are a crucial part of healthy pet care.

Pet dental care is pretty typical to what you get at your own dentist.  Pet dentists clean your pet’s teeth in order to remove plaque, bacteria and other types of build up in the mouth.  Just as with your teeth, clearing out these germs in your pet’s mouth reduces the chances of dental disease developing, and it helps to keep your pet’s breath fresh as well.


In cases where a tooth is broken or has to be pulled, pet dentists go in and take care of the problem quickly and easily in order to prevent other problems, including infection, from developing.  Just as with a pet tooth cleaning, all other pet dental problems are typically performed while the animal is completely sedated.  This helps to reduce pain, stress and aggravation for your pet and also helps the vet to get the job done safely.


Periodontal disease, cancer and other conditions can often be avoided simply by taking great care of your pet’s teeth.  Keeping your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible by getting regular cleanings, checking their teeth every once in a while for damage, and by looking for other signs that dental care is needed is the best way to prevent future health problems down the road.  For pet owners that want to provide the highest level of care for their pet, adding pet dental care to your routine maintenance is an important step that can be taken at your next visit.  Ask you vet about your pet’s dental health today!


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