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Important Questions You Should Ask at Your Next Visit to the Animal Hospital in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 8. February 2014 15:46

We all want to make sure that our pets are well-cared for in every aspect of their lives.  When looking for a new vet or animal hospital in Traverse City, there are always questions that you should ask before making an appointment, including questions about the staff’s background and experience with your type of pet.  Once you’ve arrived at your appointment, there are some important questions that you can ask that will definitely benefit your pet’s health.  Read on for some helpful tips on what you should be asking your vet the next time you are at the animal hospital.

Before going to the vet, it’s helpful to put together a list of questions regarding your pet’s health, including anything out of the ordinary you’ve noticed or any concerns you may have about their health.  If you have noticed that they are losing weight, drinking more water or simply just aren’t acting like themselves, it’s a good idea to mention it at your next appointment, as these can all be signs of poor health.

Perhaps one of the most helpful questions you can ask is about your pet’s weight and what type of diet is best for them.  Many pet owners don’t realize that their pet is overweight until they are weighted at the vet, so it’s always a good idea to ask the vet to weigh your animal.  This makes it easier to tell if your pet is within the healthy weight range for its breed or if it needs to lose a few pounds.  If your pet is overweight or underweight, the vet can make recommendations on the best food options for you.

If your vet determines that your pet is ill or suffering from an underlying health condition that you may not have noticed, then they will likely prescribe specific treatment that could include medication and diet changes.  If this happens on your next visit ask the doctor for details on what you can do to help your pet and what signs you should look for that may indicate your pet isn’t recovering as expected.  By being proactive in being informed about your pet’s health, you can get the most out of every vet visit 

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