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What are pet owners saying about Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital?

by Administrator 17. September 2013 14:11

Pet owners have many choices when it comes to pet care in Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Kalkaska and all the surrounding area.  Most of the clients at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital have been referred by a friend of family member that has brought their pet in to see Dr. Peck over the years that he’s been a veterinarian in Traverse City area.  Listen to what our clients are saying about their experience at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital 

“My German Shepherd, Herbal was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in March of 2012.   In April of 2013 he was getting worse and would no longer jump on my bed or up into the vehicle and would cry out in pain often.   I looked into hip replacement surgery and found it would cost about $10,000 dollars and there were no guarantees.   I was beside myself and prayed for answers..    In June of 2013 I was told about Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital and a VOM/VMR & Massage Therapy that they offered.    I set up an appointment and on June 28th we went in for a second opinion and talk about the therapy they offered.    Dr. Peck agreed with the diagnoses of hip dysplasia and then explained the options and was very honest about the therapy and how he thought it would help.   The cost was affordable for me and so we set up a plan and Herbal was given his first treatment that day.  During the treatment he was uneasy but with the compassion and care of Dr. Peck and his staff he did great!!   By the third treatment I could see a huge difference in him and the spark was back in his eyes.      It has been almost 3 months and my 110lbs dog is acting like a puppy and wants to play with the other dogs again.   He is jumping back on the bed and the other day before I had a chance to stop him he had hopped into the vehicle!!    I have my fun loving furry baby back and I couldn’t be more happy and relieved. My thanks to God for answered prayers and to you Dr. Peck and your staff for helping Herbal and I through this.”    - Julie        


“I am so thankful for Dr. Peck and his wonderful staff for all that they have done for me and Roscoe.  They go above and beyond to educate and inform their patients “parents” at all steps along the way.  The entire staff is warm and welcoming, and both Roscoe and I love to go there.  I highly recommend Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital”        -Carrie


“My husband and I are so glad that we have Dr. Peck and EVERYONE at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital to care for our pets.  
We have become firm believers in the VOM Treatments that Dr. Eric and staff have performed on our Golden Retriever, Dozer.  
Dozer had a couple of incidents in the past two years all of the sudden when running and playing/jumping he would suddenly cower in pain and barely be able to walk.  Of course, we feared the worst - a torn ligament or some severe back or hip injury.  After complete work ups and tests, it seems he is just tweaking something in his back.
After this was determined we started VOM treatments with Dr. Peck and WOW!  Amazing results.  We are going to make this part of "regular" checkups for Dozer from now on so that hopefully in the future he won't have an issues where he suffers like he has in the past.  
I truly appreciate the personal attention and care that we receive at NMVH.  Whenever there is any issue or question, we can count on a quick and honest answer along with a solution or suggestions as to what we should do!  THANKS NMVH! -Candie

“Our nearly 13 year old lab, Oscar, has been a patient of Dr. Peck’s for years.  He had a very successful repair of a torn ACL a few years ago.  Recently, he began laser therapy treatments; it has been amazing to see the change in his comfort level and agility.  We feel very fortunate to have a veterinarian of this caliber in our area.”  - Kris

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