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Looking for a Veterinarian in Traverse City that offers Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation?

by Administrator 12. April 2013 13:25

Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation in conjunction with other holistic treatments such as Cold Laser Therapy and Pet Massage Therapy.  If your looking for a veterinarian in Traverse City that can offer your pet pain-free options for their ailments, you have found the right place.   Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital is the only pet vet in Northern Michigan that offers all three of these treatments in one convenient location.




A. What is VOM?

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is a healing technology that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that has fallen out of communication. VOM will assist in re-establishing neuronal communication and thus induces healing. 


B.   Is Veterinary Orthopedic manipulation Chiropractic Care?

No, VOM exists in between veterinary and chiropractic care.  It has similarities to some of the chiropractic modalities and functions, by reducing subluxations and restoring function as is done is chiropractic care.  A hand-held device is used which is a popular human chiropractic technique call “activator methods” but it is not to be confused with that technique.  The differences between VOM and Chiropractic care are significant and distinct.


C.    Why is VOM so Accurate?

Because VOM finds and reduces all neuronal subluxations.  All neuronal subluxations have a pathological reflex demonstrably associated with them.  A pathological reflex is like a knee jerk response.  It is either there or it is not.  It is an objective means to determine the presence and reductions of a neuronal subluxation.  The pathological read is not “partially there”, “kind of there”, or “almost there” adding a factor of subjectivity to interpretation.  VOM is a precisely objective science. 


D.   How it Works

All chiropractic modalities have one thing in common in that they all reduce the vertebral subluxation complex by providing motion or force to the fixated or subluxated joint.

Spinal Injury = Neuronal Subluxation Syndrome=Pathological Read

Neuronal Subluxation + Motion (force) = Subluxation Reduced

So if you put motion into a joint that is associated with a neuronal subluxation sign, (a pathological read), you reduce the subluxation.  It is that simple.  All the various types of chiropractic techniques have this motion or force into the subluxated joint in common.  VOM delivers its force with a hand-held device called a spinal accelerometer.  It looks a bit like a spring-loaded doorstep. 



Please feel free to visit our website for more information on VOM or other services that we offer. 







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